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Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil Processing

Green Roads Wellness CBD Extraction Process & Testing

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the most abundant non-psychoactive cannabinoid in the hemp plant which, research shows, has a multitude of health benefits including its ability to support mood, sleep, stress levels, and immune function. In fact, the natural, potent power of CBD oil is rapidly becoming undeniable due to its effects on the entire endocannabinoid system.

However, not all CBD products adhere to the same stringent manufacturing processes, or utilize the best and most researched raw materials, as Green Roads Wellness products. As a result, these poor CBD oil processing practices interfere with the quality and efficacy of the oil.

Green Roads Wellness CBD oil is produced from European certified organic hemp that is specially bred to provide a Broad Spectrum CBD profile of therapeutic phytocannabinoids including cannabidiol (CBD), cannabigerol (CBG), cannabinol (CBN) and terpenes, without tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and its psychoactive effects.

This potent blend of phytocannabinoids is obtained from using only the most sophisticated manufacturing and extraction processes to guarantee purity, quality, and consistency.

The CBD Extraction Process

There are several extraction methods which can be utilized to obtain cannabidiol from the hemp plant. The most popular methods include the use of petroleum or naphtha, ethanol or carbon dioxide (CO2).

Petroleum or Naphtha CBD Extraction

Petroleum-based solvents focus on extracting THC and are considered an inexpensive way to create a potent product. However, these solvents tend to yield lower concentrations of CBD and other non-psychoactive cannabinoids and terpenes. The petroleum extraction method is also considered unsafe because of the solvent residue that remains after extraction which could interfere with your health.

Ethanol CBD Extraction

Ethanol-based extraction methods are a safer means to extract CBD oil; however, oil extracted with ethanol tends to have higher concentrations of chlorophyll which can alter the taste and color of the product. What’s more, ethanol extraction methods prevent concentrating CBD levels. This means large amounts of the oil will need to be consumed to experience the health benefits.

CO2 CBD Extraction

CO2 extraction is considered the best method to preserve CBD oil purity. This cannabinoid extraction process is the most expensive as it requires specialized equipment and training; however, unlike petroleum and ethanol methods, the CO2 technique is both non-toxic and yields a potent product, concentrated with high levels of CBD.

Green Roads Wellness CBD oil is extracted using the CO2 method through a proprietary engineering process. Through this process, CO2 is pressurized and brought to a low temperature. This captures CO2 in a liquid state to be used as a safe and natural solvent, allowing the efficient extraction of essential oils—like CBD and terpenes—from plant material, while eliminating THC and chlorophyll.

Making CBD oil through the use of this system is expensive; however, it is the safest, gentlest and most effective way to yield the highest quality of cannabinoids, terpenes, essential oils and other hemp plant compounds without residue.

CBD Oil Testing

CO2 extracted CBD oil requires rigorous testing to ensure the potency and purity of the oil. All raw compounds receive chromatography and third-party lab testing multiple times during the manufacturing process to measure the phytocannabinoid content and to confirm there is no THC present in the product.

The result? Pure CBD oil guaranteed to be free of solvents, pesticides, metals and unnatural substances.

Making the Highest Quality CBD Oil

Obtaining a high-quality raw material, such as pure CBD oil, is simply the first step in the process of building an exceptional product. Once the cannabidiol isolate is obtained, a Green Roads licensed pharmacist works to formulate the Green Roads Wellness finished goods.

Green Roads Wellness continually exceeds industry standards, formulating a product that is superior to the vast majority of CBD oils available to consumers.

The Green Roads Wellness Difference

  • Only CBD oil formulated by a licensed compound pharmacist
  • 20+ years of pharmacy experience
  • Formulated in an ISO Class 6 clean room
  • Use the highest quality grade cannabidiol ingredients
  • Certified to contain 99.9% CBD
  • Available exclusively through healthcare professionals
  • Undergoes testing to verify purity, quality, and consistency