There's Always an Alternative

Our Purpose

Inspiring HOPE And Restoring HAPPINESS
Healing Your Mind. Your Body. Your Spirit.
Paving The Way For Your State Of Well-Being.
We Shed Light On Possibilities.

There’s Always An Alternative.

Our Vision

Bringing Our Patients Hope And
Healing Through The Use Of Natural Products
Providing Alternative Treatment Options.

Our Mission

Offering Patients A Safe, Effective Alternative
To Prescription Painkillers, Other Toxic
Prescription And Over-The-Counter Drugs
That Contain Harsh Chemical Compounds
Alien To Nature’s Perfect Remedies.


We listen, we share, we empower each other. We are loyal, we are compassionate, we are collaborative. We are one team, one family.


We let the WHY guide our every decision. We remain honest, accountable, and humble.


We value ideas and people. We recognize that our differences make us stronger. We embrace the unique in everyone.


We live outside the box. We command conceptual thinking with a focus on compassion and excellence.


We think big. We think with purpose. We believe in the power of providing alternatives for healing.


Our Experts

Laura Fuentes

Laura Fuentes


Laura Fuentes is at the foundation of all that is Green Roads Wellness. As a compounding pharmacist with over 24 years of experience, Laura has a unique understanding of how to merge traditional pharmacological...

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Understanding Green Roads

Green Roads of Florida LLC was founded in 2011 and started making finished goods in 2012 for the market. Green Roads has grown to be a powerhouse in manufacturing and a credible source of CBD products to the nation. Green Roads Wellness was born out of our desire to have a meaningful impact on the opioid epidemic and to provide alternative treatment options for our consumers.

Our company was built on the qualification of having the ONLY licensed compounding pharmacist formulating CBD products in the entire country. By using the highest quality grade cannabidiol ingredients that contain both the 99% pure CBD isolate with a Broad Spectrum CBD oil that is rich in all the beneficial cannabinoids of the plant, our expert team of providing you with the highest quality and service in the industry.

Patients are looking for a natural path towards health and healing. Green Roads has an extensive product line that is continuously expanding to accommodate our customers and their varied needs. Using all natural ingredients and the purest forms of cannabidiol, our team is focused on continuous positive results.